Bruno Mars talks about childhood, achievements and shares video.

Popular singer, Bruno Mars shared a video with fans on the abandoned zoo where he lived after his parents split.

From the the video he shared, looking at the house where he grew up, they didn’t have much. Even though the house was very small, he lived there with his parents and five siblings.

In his own words, “the bed would be right there in the middle, we’d all sleep in one bed.”

“Where we were staying at first didn’t have a bathroom.”


Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez to father, Peter Hernandez and mother, Bernandette “Bernie” San Pedro Beyot. At age two, he was nicknamed “Bruno” by his dad. When Bruno Mars grew older, he began playing guitar which he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix.

On an interview In 2010, he acknowledged his musical family as an influence. “Growing up in Hawaii made me the man i am. I used to do a lot of shows in Hawaii with my father’s band. Everyone in my family sings, everyone plays instruments, i’ve been surrounded by it.

As soon as he made it big, he wasted no time, he bought his mother a house. She didn’t get to enjoy it for a very long time, she suffered a brain aneurysm and died in 2013, at age 55.

After the big loss, Bruno mars opened up that he still doesn’t know how to handle it, adding, “that piece of your heart is just gone forever. I don’t even know how to talk about it. It’s a nightmare.”

“I’d just bought a her a house in Hawaii, and she would call me almost everyday to tell me how much fun she’s having, she and the grandkids are in the pool, running around in the yard.”

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