Ray J disses Kanye West on his new song “Famous” featuring Chris Brown

Ray J releases new song “Famous” which is produced by Drumma Boy and features Chris Brown, the song makes reference to the Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape that got leaked back in 2007.
Ray J seems to be angered by Kanye’s “Famous” video, which showed a naked look-alike of the Ray J.
“You can’t fault me and Chris for responding to all the things that have been done about us over the last few months,” Ray J told Bilboard last month.
In other words, Ray J is paying Kanye back.
He also talked about Kim Kardashian’s recent robbery in Paris, in his line “Gotta stay strapped while you walk around now.” But that line is absolutely nothing compared to this line where he went for the whole Kardashian clan: “She f***ed me for fame, look in her eyes,” he sings. “She was the first one to sign on the line, she was the real one to plan it all out, look at the family, they walk around proud, all because she had my dick in her mouth.”
This might be a really bad time to release a Kardashian diss: Ray J’s song “Famous” was released around the time that Kanye West got hospitalized in L.A.

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