The Tupac Shakur biopic “All Eyez On Me” now has a release date

The movie is directed by Benny Boom and Demetrius Shipp Jr. Acted as the late rapper, the movie is going to hit theaters, June 16, 2017, which is also going to be Tupac’s 46th birthday. We are to expect new and familiar faces to play a role in the film, as the producer worked hard to get look-alikes of some characters. Jamal Woolard, who already starred as Notorious B.I.G. in Notorious, will also take on the Notorious B.I.G’s role again. Dominic L. Santana will play Suge Knight’s role. The date was released on Instagram few hours ago:
“Please no whining about the date. It’s Pac’s birthday,” he wrote. “We’re all anxious for it to come out but people gotta remember it’s a major film and there is a lot of process to releasing major films. Because it was Tupac a lot of buzz was created word of mouth even while we were filming which usually doesn’t happen until a movie is about to come out.”
“The Walking Dead’s” Danai Gurira and Cohan Lauren are also on board, with Gurira acting as Tupac Shakur’s mother “Afeni” and Cohan playing manager Leila Steinberg.


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