Zayn Malik throws shade at One Direction during AMA’s acceptance speech

Zayn Malik walked away with the “New Artist of the Year” award at the AMA’s.The twenty three year old singer beat out the likes of Alessia Cara and The Chainsmokers in the category of the award that he won.

During his speech on receiving the award, Zayn Malik said, “This one just has my name on it right?”
From the statement, Zayn Malik was only talking to those who didn’t believe in him when he was leaving One Direction to start his career as a solo artist. So, saying that “this one just has my name on it right?” was a message to the non-believers who didnt know he would make it this far.

He also went on to thank his fans and family for supporting him.
Looking through social media, some One Direction fans didn’t see it this way, they believed that he took it a liitle bit too far, and they also believed that the statement was disrespectful.
After he made the statement, people didn’t waste time, but quickly took to social media to express their views on the shade that Zayn Malik threw at his former group. Zayn Malik and One Direction never publicly made up after Zayn left the group, though in Zayn’s released autobiography he wrote that he was “proud of a lot of stuff from the One Direction days.”
This is also a motivation for dreamers feeling like something is holding them down and being afraid to express themselves. Zayn Malik has led by example.

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